About Us

The Jewish Healthcare Foundation (JHF) and its supporting organizations, the Pittsburgh Regional Health Initiative (PRHI) and Health Careers Futures (HCF) develop and manage programs, research, training and grantmaking to perfect patient care. JHF is also the fiscal agent for State HIV/AIDS funding in Pennsylvania.  We are funded by public and private sources, and the JHF endowment.

We act as a neutral voice focused on Perfecting Patient CareSM (PPC) for patients, workers and healthcare systems.

For the Patient, it is care that is kind, competent, customized, comprehensive, safe and efficient; addressing the needs of vulnerable populations, including:


· seniors (Caregiver Champions)

· the poor (Safety Net Medical Home Initiative)

· the chronically ill (Accountable Care Network)

· those who are approaching End-of-Life (Closure)

· persons living with behavioral health problems (AHRQ grant), and persons living with HIV/AIDS (Readmissions Reduction project)


For the Healthcare Worker, it means that care is:


· informed and supported (Regional Extension & Assistance Center for HIT)

· incentivized (RWJF payment reform grant and Fine Awards)

· prepared by training and coaching (Perfecting Patient CareSM, Tomorrow’s HealthCareTM, PPC University, Fellowships and Champions Programs)


For Organizations and Systems, this focus includes:


· training, coaching and leadership development (Perfecting Patient CareSM)

· comprehensive improvement and education tools (Tomorrow’s HealthCareTM)

· transformations and new models of care (Patient Centered Medical Homes, Accountable Care Networks, Primary Care Resource Centers)

· payment reform (RWJF payment reform grant and The Center for Healthcare Quality and Payment Reform— www.chqpr.org)


A more thorough review of JHF, PRHI, and HCF programs is available through our magazine ROOTS, our newsletter Branches, the online Executive Summary, and Teachable Moments presenting brief videos of successful improvement projects.



The mission of JHF is to support and foster the provision of healthcare services, healthcare education, and, when appropriate, medical and scientific research, and to respond to the health-related needs of elderly, underprivileged, indigent and underserved persons in both the Jewish and general community throughout Western Pennsylvania.

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The Jewish Healthcare Foundation was established in 1990 with proceeds from the sale of Montefiore Hospital - a high quality teaching healthcare institution founded by Pittsburgh's Jewish community. Learn More


Annual Reports

Jewish Healthcare Foundation's annual reports highlight grantees and programs that complement or help fulfill the Foundation's mission and priorities. Grantees strive to advance teamwork at the point of care for patients, communities and the region. Learn More


The leadership and staff at the Jewish Healthcare Foundation bring diverse backgrounds and points of view to this work of advancing healthcare. We draw from contacts and experiences in the private sector, government, academia, and social service worlds. We call upon our ties to the community and traditions to uphold and pursue our mission. Learn More