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Magee, Allegheny General and VA Hospital Teams Selected as First Recipients of 'The Fine Awards'

November 20, 2008

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PITTSBURGH—November, 20, 2008—Three local healthcare teams were honored as the first recipients of The Fine Awards during the 10th anniversary reception of the Pittsburgh Regional Health Initiative (PRHI) held Wednesday evening at Heinz Field.

Sponsored by The Fine Foundation and the Jewish Healthcare Foundation (JHF), The Fine Awards were established to draw attention to the critical role that teamwork plays in healthcare by recognizing local healthcare teams that have achieved breakthroughs in safe, effective patient care.

"These teams and others yet to be formed are and will be leaders in healthcare; they are blazing the trail for a healthcare system and model that works – that's affordable and can move healthcare from the category of problem to the honor roll of success. The people on theses teams are the people who in many ways, and frequently in quiet ways, are helping to dramatically improve and remake the system. They are examples to all of us of the importance of commitment and shared responsibility," said Milton Fine, CEO and president of The Fine Foundation.

A team from Magee-Womens Hospital of UPMC earned the first place Gold Award for its work in "Labor Induction Process Improvement." Inductions of labor require administration of medications to expectant mothers and can increase the risk of delivery by cesarean section. The team's efforts resulted in a 40 percent reduction in inductions of labor, including a decrease of 70 percent in elective inductions. Team members will share the $25,000 prize. Magee-Womens Hospital of UPMC also received a $5,000 award for its support.

The Silver Award was presented to the coronary care unit team from Allegheny General Hospital for its project, "Process Standardization and Continuous Training Leads to the Elimination of Catheter-Related Bloodstream Infections." These infections are particularly dangerous to patients when they occur after major surgery. The team used process standardization, continuous, mandatory training and a 24/7 vigilance to effectively eliminate catheter-related infections in their unit. The team will share a $15,000 prize.

Receiving the third place Bronze Award was a team from the VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System for, "An Individualized Team-Care Model for Outpatient Diabetes Care Delivery." Regular interaction between diabetes patients and primary care providers is essential to successful diabetes management and preventing complications and hospitalizations. The VA team developed an innovative, four-station system for patient visits that resulted in greater patient satisfaction (even as overall patient volume increased at the clinic), 100 percent documentation of all diabetes patients and the surpassing of nationally-recognized measures for effective diabetes care. The team will share a $10,000 prize.

"We are honored to recognize the breakthrough performances of these healthcare teams in conjunction with our 10th anniversary," said Karen Wolk Feinstein, CEO and president of the PRHI and the Jewish Healthcare Foundation and Health Careers Futures. "These teams represent best-in-nation healthcare quality and value."


The Pittsburgh Regional Health Initiative (PRHI) is celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2008. PRHI is an independent catalyst for improving healthcare safety and quality in Southwestern Pennsylvania. It operates on the premise that dramatic quality improvement is the best cost-containment strategy for health care. PRHI is the first regional consortium of medical, business and civic leaders to address health care safety and quality improvement as a social and business imperative. Turning its own community into a demonstration lab, PRHI strives to accelerate improvement and set the pace for the nation. Its experiment reflects three principles: (1) Health care is local. Federal policy changes alone cannot achieve needed reform. (2) Those who work at the point of care develop quality and safety improvements that work and last. (3) Continuous improvement in quality and safety requires the highest possible standard, namely perfection. To settle for less limits achievement.

For more information visit www.prhi.org


The Fine Foundation is a Pittsburgh-based family foundation established in 2007 by Milton Fine. The Foundation is interested in projects that make a difference in peoples' lives; are a good investment in the short and long term; and have an impact in four areas of interest – the visual arts, science and medicine, Jewish life, and the enrichment of the Pittsburgh region.

Mr. Fine believes that those who have created wealth have a unique opportunity to give back to society. To that end he created The Fine Foundation with proceeds from the 1998 sale Interstate Hotels Corporation (IHC), the largest independent hotel management company in the United States. Mr. Fine has endowed the Foundation not only financially, but also with the ideals and beliefs that have guided him throughout his life and into his business success.

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