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PRHI Launches New Center for Health Information Activation

July 22, 2014

Pittsburgh Regional Health Initiative Launches Center for Health Information Activation (CHIA)

(Pittsburgh – July 21)  On Wednesday, July 23, the Pittsburgh Regional Health Initiative [PRHI, a regional health improvement collaborative and operating arm of the Jewish Healthcare Foundation (JHF))] will launch the Center for Health Information Activation (CHIA) with a series of two events – one for physicians (JULY 23) and another for patient advocates (JULY 24)– designed to inspire a dialogue that will  inform the first year's agenda for the new program.

"The healthcare consumer is changing," says JHF and PRHI President and CEO Karen Wolk Feinstein, PhD, "and our healthcare system should change accordingly.  With exponentially greater access to open health data, consumers can form more meaningful, informed partnerships with their providers. Consumers are expressing their interest in taking the lead in their treatment decisions in poll after poll. There is now a real business case for practices to accommodate the informed and activated patient. We see this trend as having IMPORTANT potential for improving health outcomes and we want to ACCELERATE THIS. That is why our Board of Trustees approved the creation of the Center for Health Information Activation (CHIA). The workshops on July 23, 24 are intended to serve as a brainstorming session to consider new models of care for better patient/family-physician interactions based on sharing information to further PATIENT goal-directed partnerships."

CHIA will provide communication tools and skill building – for providers, consumers and families—as well as guidance on finding and assessing health information, creative health apps, online communities, and other tools and services. Moreover, in partnership with Medicare and local insurers, CHIA will also release data that will help consumers in western Pennsylvania choose high quality/low cost healthcare providers.

CHIA will be offering programs and services specifically through CHIA, but also advancing its mission through multiple existing Foundation initiatives, such as the Jonas Salk and QI2T Health Innovators Fellowships, which will focus this year on new patient/provider relationships. JHF recently underwrote the creation of The Empowered Patient, a WQED special focusing on the need for medical education transformation to accommodate the informed consumer as a true partner with his/her physician. And JHF partnered with the Kauffman Foundation last week here in Pittsburgh in sponsoring "Building Bridges: Beyond Patient Engagement," one of six Kauffman Energizing Health events across the country, designed to highlight digital health entrepreneurship and innovation.

"CHIA is about goal-driven health, and health as a learning journey," says Feinstein. "It's completely aligned with our mission at JHF and PRHI: producing a health system that achieves far better outcomes at the greatest efficiency possible."

For more information on CHIA, please visit pachia.org.

Available for Interviews:  Karen Wolk Feinstein, President and CEO, Jewish Healthcare Foundation and Pittsburgh Regional Health Initiative


The Pittsburgh Regional Health Initiative (PRHI) is an independent catalyst for improving healthcare safety and quality. It operates on the premise that dramatic quality improvement is the best cost-containment strategy for health care. PRHI is the first regional consortium of medical, business, and civic leaders to address healthcare safety and quality improvement as a social and business imperative. Turning its own community into a demonstration lab, PRHI strives to accelerate healthcare quality improvement and set the pace for the nation. PRHI believes that health care is local so   Federal policy changes alone cannot achieve needed reform; those who work at the point of care develop quality and safety improvements that work and last. PRHI also believes that continuous improvement in quality and safety requires setting the highest possible standards, to settle for less limits achievement. For more information, visit www.prhi.org.

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