b'activate.Building a Safety Net for Teens in CrisisAdolescent Behavioral Health InitiativeYouth advocates, like Ayala Rosenthal, inspire the Jewish Healthcare Foundation to seek solutions for what is recognized as a growing crisis in teen mental health. Youth and families dont know where to turn for help when a crisis hits, and many times when they do, the help they need is unavailable. In 2018, the Foundation engaged community stakeholders, including family and youth activists, to develop a policy advocacy agenda aimed at strengthening the safety net for teen mental health. In March, JHF launched a statewide advocacy effort to increase crisis resources, increase the number of mental health professionals available to adolescents and their families, and improve the quality of care. In November, JHF hosted a Youth Advocacy Summit on Election Day at Pittsburgh CAPA, where students had the opportunity to advocate for improved mental health services to policy- and decision-makers. Youth advocates demonstrated that they are a powerful force for change. As a result of the Summit, the youth created a larger advocacy network to build on the Summits momentum.30 13YOUTH SCHOOLSACTIVISTS REPRESENTEDAT SUMMIT AT SUMMITJewish Healthcare Foundation|2018 Year in Review 11'