b'activate.Igniting Activists of the FutureThe Feinstein FellowshipsAt the heart of Steven Guos participation in two Feinstein Fellowships was the goal of becoming an agent of change in the healthcare system. For 14 years, The Feinstein Fellowships have been educating graduate students and young professionals in the Pittsburgh area, providing a collaborative, multi-disciplinary learning environment. Participants acquire a new appreciation of what is required for healthcare professionals to perform at the highest levels and for health systems to achieve better outcomes.The three Fellowships in 2018Death and Dying Fellowship, Patient Safety Fellowship, and Salk Health Activist Fellowshiptaught essential skills that arent part of traditional healthcare graduate programs. The Death and Dying Fellowship prepares Fellows to have difficult conversations with individuals dealing with serious illness. The Patient Safety Fellowship exposed Fellows to constructs of implementation science and Perfecting Patient Care SM , our flagship QI methodology. After developing a framework to determine whether an organization was wired for excellence in quality and safety, the Fellows evaluated 22 local organizations and selected the winners of the 2018 Fine Awards for Teamwork Excellence in Health Care. The Salk Health Activist Fellowship equipped the Fellows with the skills to pursue campaigns for healthcare transformation. This included bringing in guest lecturers from elected office, the media, community organizations, and business.TheSalkFellowshipconcludedwiththe2 nd annualHealthActivistExpo,attractingover160 attendees to hear pitches on their creative solutions to 27 healthcare problems.2,14298 COLLECTIVEFELLOWS HOURS TRAINEDACTIVATEDJewish Healthcare Foundation|2018 Year in Review 13'