b'innovate.Redesigning Delivery andPayment ModelsReinvesting in HealthWithfundingfromtheJewishHealthcareFoundation,thePittsburghRegionalHealthInitiative(PRHI) launched the Reinvesting in Health Initiative in 2018. The Initiative aims to remove unnecessary services and reinvest in services that matter by focusing on improving perinatal care for mother and baby. The Reinvesting in Health Initiatives strategy includes testing bundled payment models, adopting Choosing Wisely guidelines, and engaging purchasers to support these efforts with the leadership of the payers and providers. Using a bottom-up approach, PRHI began to work with local providers and health plans to reconfigure perinatal team roles, services, and quality measures based on best practices, the needs of the mother and baby dyad, and improvement opportunities. In 2019, PRHI plans to start demonstration projects to implement the enhanced perinatal care delivery model, one that is designed to support reconfigured care delivery.Jewish Healthcare Foundation|2018 Year in Review 15'