b'innovate.Tackling Senior IsolationVirtual Senior AcademyTMThe Virtual Senior Academy TM(VSA) is built on a simple fact: Too many seniors needlessly experience what could be their golden years in isolation. In 2017, JHF launched the VSA, an innovative online platform that allows seniors to take interactive live, face-to-face classes with their peers on a variety of topics. During 2018, the reach of the VSA grew 300%. Now more than 1,000 seniors and 36 senior centers across Allegheny County have participated in the 332 classes the VSA has offered. More than 75 community facilitators have been trained and deployed to teach classes. Additionally, in the fall of 2018, the Virtual Senior Academy TMwas a finalist for the BNY Mellon UpPrize Social Innovation Challenge and took home the prize for Audience Favorite. The VSA also launched the Tech Buddy initiative in partnership with the local non-profit Computer Reach. Tech Buddy trains community volunteers to assist participants with technological issues to increase digital literacy and intergenerational interaction.1,000+ 75CONNECTED COMMUNITYMEMBERS FACILITATORSJewish Healthcare Foundation|2018 Year in Review 17'