b'educate. Transforming Todays (WorkforcePerfecting Patient Care SMOur Lean-based quality improvement methodology, Perfecting Patient Care (PPC), has one basic goal: support system redesign by educating staff to be problem solvers. Our coaches engage everyone, every day, to build a culture of quality. The organizations and projects include Community LIFE, Edwards Lifesciences, Jewish Association on Aging (JAA), Jewish Community Center (JCC) of Greater Pittsburgh, RAVEN (Reduce AVoidable hospitalizations using Evidence-based interventions for Nursing facilities in Pennsylvania) sites, as well as our Patient Safety Fellows.In 2018, Community LIFE, an all-inclusive care program tailored to the specific needs of seniors, was a pioneer in advancing its culture of quality through the application of the PPC philosophy. Community LIFE supported over 80 frontline and leadership staff to attend various customized levels of PPC education to redesign their infrastructure.The JAA staff were also very engaged in 2018, with individuals in all departments from the frontline to executive leadership working on over 20 quality improvement projects with our trainers. JHF was invited to speak at the National LeadingAge Conference in October to describe this quality improvement work. The JHF team also utilized PPC principles and training to help 15 participating RAVEN facilities in Pennsylvania develop, implement, and monitor their quality assurance and performance improvement plans in accordance with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services guidelines.1,369 33NEW LEANQI PROJECT AMBASSADORS TEAMS ENGAGEDTRAINEDJewish Healthcare Foundation|2018 Year in Review 19'