b'When it comes to the U.S. healthcare system,isolated seniors, and stagnant improvements in we all know there is much work to be done aspatient safety and preventable medical error. growing public health crises take over every day. But often untold is the ingenuity that is shaping aAlthough problems may present to JHF on a fresh vision for the future of our communities. large scale, JHF has spent almost three decades reimagining what healthcare philanthropy can Imagine a redesigned and innovative healthcareachieve. We can envision the ideal and move system with an educated, collaborative,in that direction with strategic collaborations, and activated workforce. Imagine a systemactivated stakeholders, and communications that enlightened by the best international models withinspire change.resources invested in value-based care. This years initiatives across JHF, PRHI, HCF, and The Jewish Healthcare Foundation (JHF), with theWHAMglobal envision the ideal in: maternity care, strength of our three supporting organizations adolescent behavioral health, senior wellness, the Pittsburgh Regional Health Initiative (PRHI),an AIDS-free Pittsburgh, and the healthcare Health Careers Futures (HCF), and Womensworkforce of the future. We share with you here Health Activist Movement (WHAMglobal)hassome of our visions for a better tomorrow. been working to realize a better reality.In 2018, we confronted an escalating teen mental health crisis, tragic rates of maternal mortalityDavid H. Ehrenwerth, JD Karen Wolk Feinstein, PhDand poor maternal health outcomes, too manyChair, Board of Trustees President & CEOJewish Healthcare Foundation|2018 Year in Review 3'