b'envision.Birthing a MovementWomens Health Activist Movement (WHAMglobal)JHF launched the Womens Health Activist Movement (WHAMglobal) in 2016 to rally support for womens unmet health needs. The timing allowed WHAMglobal to ride a wave of activism to move beyond marching and envision a better way for womens health. As a first step, WHAMglobal aimed to identify the root causes of maternal and infant mortality; study high-quality maternal care models from around the world; champion policy, practice, and payment reforms; and form a strong network of womens health advocates.The opportunity to gather over 130 national and regional leaders in maternal and child health on October 8, 2018 was a critical milestone in moving toward better health for our moms. In fact, 2018 proved to be a hallmark year for WHAMglobal with the launching of the Pittsburgh Regional Advisory, conducting a Maternal and Child Health Study Tour of Australia, rallying a Pittsburgh March for Moms, hosting a Maternal Health Leaders Symposium, launching the Pennsylvania Perinatal Quality Collaborative (PA PQC), supporting an innovative Immigrant and Refugee Doula Community Health Worker Demonstration, and identifying the WHAMglobal Board of Trustees. WHAMglobal has also formalized national and international partnerships withWomenofImpactforHealthCareandstartedaHealthCareSpecialInterestGroupthroughthe International Womens Forum.2,000+ 130+ACTIVISTS JOINEDEXPERTS & ADVOCATES THE MOVEMENT ATTENDED SYMPOSIUMJewish Healthcare Foundation|2018 Year in Review 5'