Dr. David Mayer Releases Book Chronicling His Cross-Country Trek to Raise Awareness about Medical Error

Friend of the Jewish Healthcare Foundation (JHF) and persistent patient safety advocate David Mayer, MD, recently published the book How to Stay Safe When Entering the Healthcare System: A Physician Walks Across the Country to Raise Awareness of the Need to Improve Patient Safety.

Released September 30, the book is an urgent call to action centering on Dr. Mayer's 35-year mission to raise awareness of the 250,000 lives lost each year to preventable medical harm and the harm faced by healthcare professionals in the form of workplace violence, depression, and burnout resulting in suicide rates higher than almost every other industry.

The book's narrative-driven timeline follows the author's 2,452-mile walk to 37 Major League baseball parks during the height of the pandemic. It features stories of patients and healthcare workers who lost their lives due to preventable harm, as told by their family members who Dr. Mayer met along his 355-day walk.

Dr. Mayer is the executive director of the MedStar Institute for Quality & Safety and serves on the board of directors for the Patient Safety Movement Foundation, where he previously served as CEO. In addition to his leadership roles, Dr. Mayer also designs and directs systemwide activity for patient safety and reduction programs. 

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