Jewish Community Center Reopens with Pittsburgh Regional Health Initiative Guidance

From left Director of Early Childhood Development of JCC of Greater Pittsburgh Liz Baron, Assistant Director Squirrel Hill Kelly Gumina, Education Program Coordinator Sarah Grimm, Education Program Coordinator Katie Plofker. Photo courtesy of JCC

The Pittsburgh Regional Health Initiative (PRHI) was proud to partner with the Jewish Community Center of Greater Pittsburgh (JCC) to safely reopen the JCC's on-site programming during the COVID-19 pandemic. The JCC reopened their early childhood development centers, day camps, and fitness and indoor aquatic centers in mid-June, with guidance, coaching, and resources from PRHI.

This project leveraged PRHI's decades of quality improvement experience and built on years of collaboration with the JCC to create comfort and communication between staff and the community during the reopening process. With the encouragement of PRHI and leadership of JCC Chief Program Officer Jason Kunzman, JCC department directors generated reopening protocols and policies. PRHI facilitated walkthroughs of reopening scenarios, such as camper drop off, from key stakeholder perspectives.

JCC staff were pleased with the outcomes of this collaboration. Rachael Speck, Division Director, Children, Youth & Family and JCC Day Camps Director, J&R Day Camp, said, "I really enjoyed the process…[PRHI staff] were really able to lend some good advice and tactics on ensuring customer service. It was really helpful."

Other directors echoed these sentiments. Liza Baron, Director of Early Childhood Development said that children, parents, and educators of the early childhood development centers are all doing well because of JCC and PRHI's "terrific" preparations. Sherree Hall, Senior Director of Facility, Security & Wellness, mentioned that the reopened pools are very popular and said, "I'm amazed at this, truly amazed, at how well it's gone."

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