Jewish Healthcare Foundation Grants $160,000 to Innovation Works Healthcare Safety Competition

The Jewish Healthcare Foundation (JHF) has granted Innovation Works (IW) $160,000 to support the 2021 "Hardware Cup" International Healthcare Safety Competition. This new competition will prepare the Pittsburgh region to lead the development of the technologies necessary for the National Patient and Provider Safety Authority (NPSA), a patient safety solution currently proposed in JHF's Full Court Press policy focus.

The Competition will be a natural and complimentary next step after Liftoff PGH 2020, JHF's health innovation summit happening in December 2020 with a focus on the regional intersections of healthcare and entrepreneurship, education, and technology. IW's Healthcare Safety Competition recognizes our region's potential for leading health innovation and patient safety. Southwestern Pennsylvania already possesses strong academic institutions, technology startups and a wealth of investors and corporate partners. The new Competition will further encourage collaboration within the various industries and introduce more health-safety-related companies and startups to the extensive curriculum and network of IW's software, hardware, and life sciences accelerators. Cross-industry collaboration will develop technologies that the NPSA can use to predict and prevent errors before they happen, as the National Transportation Safety Board already does with great success. This catalyst is just what the region needs to kickstart solving the persistent medical error problem.

The Competition aims to draw at least 35-50 entrepreneurial applicants, from healthcare and other industries, to encourage companies to adapt their products and technology to solve problems in the healthcare safety sector.

To make Pittsburgh a true epicenter for influential innovation, we must plant a flag as a center of excellence within the health innovation ecosystem. Moving into the new year, this partnership will leverage the strengths and experience of JHF and the Pittsburgh Regional Health Initiative in patient safety and medical error reduction, as well as the IW international community's technological expertise. JHF aims to spark a vibrant industry around patient safety automation in Pittsburgh, which others can apply across the country and around the world. 

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