Karen Wolk Feinstein and David Classen Present National Patient Safety Board to the EHR Association

On January 12, Jewish Healthcare Foundation President and CEO Karen Wolk Feinstein, PhD, and patient safety pioneer David C. Classen, MD, MS, professor of medicine at the University of Utah School of Medicine, presented the National Patient Safety Board (NPSB) initiative to representatives from the EHR Association (EHRA). The EHRA's Patient Safety Workgroup collaborates with member companies and stakeholders to advance the safe use of electronic health records. Dr. Feinstein and Dr. Classen sought input and feedback on the NPSB initiative.

Dr. Feinstein summarized JHF and PRHI's patient safety work and the effort to establish a National Patient Safety Board (NPSB) through the NPSB Advocacy Coalition. Dr. Feinstein illustrated how the success of the NPSB to introduce autonomous safety solutions depends on the data in the electronic health records. Dr. Classen then presented on the autonomous patient safety surveillance system he has developed, which identifies and anticipates medical errors by extracting electronic health record data in real time.

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