Karen Wolk Feinstein Presents at Lean Healthcare Research Symposium

On June 7, Karen Wolk Feinstein, PhD, president and CEO of the Jewish Healthcare Foundation and the Pittsburgh Regional Health Initiative, provided the opening keynote address at the Center for Lean Engagement & Research in Healthcare (CLEAR) 6th annual Lean in Healthcare Research Symposium. Dr. Feinstein outlined the limitations and potential for Lean within health care, including the promising future made possible by new digital technologies, in her talk entitled, "Autonomous Technologies: Driving Digital Lean in Health Care."

The Symposium reached an international audience of over 110 participants, including over 30 attendees together in Salt Lake City.

Dr. Feinstein detailed a vision for the future of lean, where digital technologies will relieve clinicians of environmental disruptions, distractions, and threats of harm. As has been seen in other industries, advanced operational systems paired with real-time information systems open new opportunities, and healthcare settings need to see a renewed partnership between new technology and the healthcare workforce in order to enable rapid corrective action and create sustainable solutions. Dr. Feinstein highlighted specific applications of technology-enabled Lean supports that could help doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and other clinicians to make more informed decisions that support better care.

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