New Episode in Up Next for Patient Safety Podcast

New episode, Factoring Humans + Machines, available now!

Why do we so often blame individuals for errors that are actually the result of flawed technology? How can we redesign health care to reduce the likelihood of human errors in the future? Join host Karen Wolk Feinstein and special guests Dr. Jonathan L. Gleason, executive vice president, chief clinical officer, and endowed James D and Mary Jo Danella chief quality officer at Jefferson Health, and Dr. Raj Ratwani, vice president of scientific affairs at the MedStar Health Research Institute, director of the MedStar Health National Center for Human Factors in Healthcare, and associate professor at the Georgetown University School of Medicine, as they explore how human factors engineering can be applied within health care to help humans and machines work better together. Tune in to "Up Next for Patient Safety", the podcast of the National Patient Safety Board, here.


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