PA Perinatal Quality Collaborative Co-Hosts Statewide Maternal Health Awareness Day Event

On January 21, the Pennsylvania Section of The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (PA ACOG) and the Pennsylvania Perinatal Quality Collaborative (PA PQC) collaborated to hold a Maternal Health Awareness Day event. Pennsylvania Department of Health Physician General Dr. Denise Johnson provided a keynote speech to recognize the day and progress across Pennsylvania to improve maternal health outcomes. 

As an action arm of the PA Maternal Mortality Review Committee, the PA PQC is expanding a series of initiatives in 2022 with a focus on maternal substance use, substance-exposed newborns, maternal depression, contraceptive care, and severe hypertension. Each initiative incorporates health equity approaches and measures into its standard work to reduce the racial/ethnic disparities across these initiatives. The PA PQC supports 60 birth hospitals in adopting best practices and tracking outcomes towards these common aims. "Now is the time to take action and get involved. Birth hospitals, with their outpatient and community partners, have the opportunity to join the PA PQC and participate in these initiatives in 2022," notes Robert Ferguson, MPH, Chief Policy Officer of the Jewish Healthcare Foundation, which administers the PA PQC.

Watch a recording of the event here.

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