PRHI Shares its Approach to Policy with the Network for Regional Healthcare Improvement

Some of the participants on the policy call with NRHI.

On May 26, Robert Ferguson, Chief Policy Office, and Karen Wolk Feinstein, President and CEO, presented Pittsburgh Regional Health Initiative's (PRHI) policy tactics with other regional health improvement collaboratives in the Network for Regional Health Initiative (NRHI). They described how PRHI uses a "home run" analogy to guide its operations, where the "home run" is a policy change that leads to widespread adoption of a best practice. Ferguson noted the importance of building relationships and trust with policy makers and analyzing the politics, people, policies, and procures to find an opening to impact policy at the right time. They described how PRHI applied these tactics to response to COVID-19 policy priorities around contact tracing and long-term care, and Dr. Feinstein updated NRHI on the opportunities to engage in PRHI's SWERVE initiative to create a National Patient & Provider Safety Authority (NPSA).

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