Revisiting the Teaching Nursing Home Partners Present at National Conference

Brianna Morgan discusses the poster project with a conference attendee.

Poster projects highlighting the work of Revisiting the Teaching Nursing Home were presented at the Gerontological Society of America (GSA) Annual Scientific Meeting conference in Indianapolis, Ind. Nov. 2-6.

The two accepted posters were:

●"Revisiting the Teaching Nursing Home: Qualitative Analysis of Nursing Students' Clinical Experience," an analysis led by Brianna Morgan, MSN, CRNP and Kierra Foley from University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing, and

●"Revisiting the Teaching Nursing Home: Impact on Nursing Students' Perceptions of Working in Long-Term Care." Howard Degenholtz, PhD is the first author on this abstract.

The Revisiting the Teaching Nursing Home Initiative implements the contemporary version of the Teaching Nursing Home model in three regions of Pennsylvania to demonstrate how enhanced partnerships between academic nursing schools and skilled nursing facilities can improve quality and cost outcomes. The project will draw upon existing resources from the Age-Friendly Health Systems initiative while integrating lessons learned and partnerships created through the COVID-19 pandemic and the original Teaching Nursing Home model implementation from the 1980s.

The Henry L. Hillman Foundation, Independence Foundation, the Jewish Healthcare Foundation, The John A. Hartford Foundation, and the PA Department of Human Services co-fund this initiative. 

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