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Building a Youth Advocacy Movement: Local Students Present at Rep. Dan Miller's Mental Health Summit

The teenagers participating in JHF's Youth Advocacy Network opened their session at the State Rep. Dan Miller's Disability and Mental Health Summit on March 14 by asking participants: Have you ever been passionate about something? Have...
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California Teen Presents Youth Mental Health Model Inspired by Australia

JHF hosted a presentation on March 22 about youth mental health work in Northern California, inspired by approaches in Australia. Steven Adelsheim, MD, director of the Stanford Center for Youth Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Depart...
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15217 Pittsburgh: Building a Neighborhood Safety Net From the Bottom Up for Teen Mental Health

A breakfast at Ritter's led to a breakthrough. One morning last summer at the Bloomfield diner, Jeffrey Finkelstein, CEO of the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh, was listening to JHF President and CEO Karen Wolk Feinstein descri...
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