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Indiana University Renames Graduate School for Paul O'Neill, PRHI Co-Founder

Paul O'Neill, co-founder of the Pittsburgh Regional Health Initiative, has made a major gift to Indiana University, the educational institution he calls "instrumental in preparing me for all that followed" and for instilling "intellect...
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At Snowbird Health Summit, JHF Advances Work of Patient Safety

The third annual Snowbird Health Summit, with a sponsorship this year by the Jewish Healthcare Foundation, brought together 50 prominent thought leaders in health care to speak freely about the future of health. Held at the Snowbi...
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PRHI Deepens Perfecting Patient Care℠ Training at Community LIFE

 A new round of Perfecting Patient Care (PPC)℠ training at Community LIFE got underway in February, deepening a relationship that started in 2016. More than 50 mid-to-senior level leadership staff from Community LIFE (Living Indep...
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JAMA Article on Building Trust in Health Care Cites Contribution by Karen Feinstein

JHF President and CEO Karen Wolk Feinstein received a citation in JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) for her contribution to a February 2019 article, "A Framework for Increasing Trust Between Patients and the Organizati...
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JHF Retreat Envisions a New Era of Activist Healthcare Boards

While the U.S. health system performs miraculous acts of healing, it also commits serious acts of harm. Each year in the U.S., between 250,000 to 440,000 people die due to preventable medical error. An estimated 40% of healthcare spend...
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