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Staff Profile: Deborah Murdoch, MPH, Program Manager

​Throughout her studies and into her career, Deborah Murdoch has bridged two worlds, and happily so.Her enjoyment of science and math set this Sewickley native on a pre-med track at the College of William and Mary, a cutting-edge resea...
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Staff Profile: Robert Ferguson, MPH, Director of Government Grants and Policy

As the grandson and nephew of orthopedists, the teenage Robert Ferguson was taken with the idea of becoming a doctor. "I was really interested in the ethics of the patient-physician relationship," Ferguson recalled. "There's somet...
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Staff Profile: Sue Steele, Project Coordinator, HIV/AIDS Team

Growing up, Sue Steele thought she'd become an art teacher.The native of Vandergrift, Westmoreland County studied visual arts and arts education at Penn State University, with her first classroom job at a Pittsburgh public middle schoo...
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Staff Profile: Anneliese Perry, MS, Senior Quality Improvement Specialist

Anneliese Perry began her career working with young people, but found her calling with older adults."I volunteered to work with a 93-year-old woman named Evelyn," Perry said. "She lived on her own in a senior high-rise, and needed help...
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Staff Profile: Hanifa Nakiryowa, Global Health Associate

 If you want to learn about resilience, meet Hanifa Nakiryowa.Even as a child, Hanifa challenged the norms in a society where women are expected to be subservient to the men in their lives. She earned a bachelor's degree in educat...
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Staff Profile: Richard Smith, MSW, Program Director

Richard Smith, MSW, joined JHF in October 2010 as a Program Associate for the HIV/AIDS hospital readmissions reduction project and has served as the HIV/AIDS Program Director since 2012. Richard earned a dual bachelor's in Psychology a...
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