Education, Training, & Coaching

The evolving healthcare landscape presents tremendous opportunities and challenges to providers who are expected to improve health outcomes and patient experience while containing healthcare costs. Success in this dynamic environment requires providers to maximize their care teams, provide comprehensive care management and coordination, manage population health, and efficiently use health information technology to support patient-centered care delivery. Through PRHI, skilled trainers and coaches help providers mobilize for a value-based healthcare environment.

  • Centers of Excellence Learning Network
    The Opioid Use Disorder Center of Excellence (COE) Technical Assistance Project provides technical assistance to the Commonwealth’s COEs. The University of Pittsburgh, School of Pharmacy, Program Evaluation and Research Unit (PERU) provides technical assistance, learning networks, and curriculum that is specific to the needs of each COE, and PRHI facilitates the learning networks in partnership with PERU. The COEs ensure effective care coordination, integrate physical and behavioral health needs for every patient with an Opioid Use Disorder (OUD), and increase access to Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT).
  • Community HealthChoices Education
    Since 2015, JHF has convened community partners and stakeholders for education and training meetings focused on Community HealthChoices—a program to deliver long-term services and supports to seniors, individuals with disabilities, and people who are Medicaid eligible or dually eligible for Medicare and Medicaid. The goal of the program is to improve service coordination and strengthen eligible consumers’ options for receiving community-based care. Community HealthChoices officially rolled out in southwestern Pennsylvania at the beginning of 2018, and has been implemented in other regions of the Commonwealth.
  • Champions Programs

    JHF has demonstrated the important role that leaders or champions play in conceiving, testing, and sustaining quality improvement in health care; and develops and funds an annual program aimed at elevating the skills, knowledge and quality improvement experiences of those committed to the highest level of patient quality. Past Champions programs have included Physician Champions, Nurse Navigator, Pharmacy Agents for Change, EMS Champions, Medical Assistant/Licensed Practical Nurse Champions, and Community Health Worker Champions, and a Community Health Worker Apprenticeship program. 

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  • Death and Dying Series for Healthcare Professionals

    The Death & Dying Series for Healthcare Professionals takes on a key challenge: the reality that professionals are not well prepared to deal with or talk about death, dying, and grieving families. This education series, modeled after the popular Death and Dying Fellowship for graduate students, provides healthcare professionals with an opportunity to learn, confront, and discuss the legal, medical, social, cultural, familial, and spiritual aspects of death and dying within a multi-disciplinary group in a low-pressure environment. Join us to gain the skills you need to have meaningful end-of-life conversations with your patients and their families. 

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  • Dementia Friends Pennsylvania

    In May of 2018, JHF became the state administrator for the Dementia Friends Pennsylvania initiative. JHF seeks to educate communities across the commonwealth about dementia, break down stigma surrounding dementia, and encourage individuals to implement practical changes to best support people living with dementia. Through a train-the-trainer model, Dementia Friends Champion Volunteers are equipped to offer in-person Dementia Friends sessions to community members. Dementia Friends Pennsylvania is part of Dementia Friends USA, a global movement that is changing the way people think, act, and talk about dementia. For more information, visit:

  • Feinstein Fellowships

    Through the Jewish Healthcare Foundation's annual Feinstein Fellowships, graduate students and professionals work in a collaborative, multi-disciplinary learning environment to acquire new skills that aren’t part of traditional healthcare graduate programs. The Feinstein Fellowships aim to inspire the next generation of healthcare leaders and activists. 

    The Patient Safety Fellowship focuses on quality and safety in healthcare settings and provides participants the opportunity to apply learnings in a real-world healthcare setting. 

    The Salk Health Activist Fellowship focuses on changing practice, policy, and perspectives around a health issue.

    The Death and Dying Fellowship explores the medical, legal, social, cultural-familial, and spiritual components of end-of-life care, using JHF's Closure model.

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  • Internships

    Graduate students who are passionate about innovations in healthcare delivery, policy, and patient safety can pursue their interests through paid summer internship opportunities with the Jewish Healthcare Foundation and its supporting organizations. Internships are available during the school year as well, although the program is less formal.

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  • Long-Term Care Champions Training Center

    Across southwestern Pennsylvania, JHF is providing training for certified nurse assistants and licensed practical nurses at skilled nursing facilities, and community health worker apprenticeships. JHF’s experienced trainers and coaches have developed customizable courses around quality improvement education and coaching, work flow design and process improvement, leadership and communication, customer service in long-term care, and dementia awareness and education. The trainings have also included Mental Health First Aid and abuse prevention for families and caregivers who care for seniors. Across the State, JHF also provides courses on end-of-life and palliative care, as well as Pennsylvania Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment (PA POLST), the Commonwealth’s endorsed program to help seriously ill patients indicate the treatment they want or do not want to receive in a medical crisis.

  • PA Long-Term Care Learning Network

    The PA Long-Term Care Learning Network launched in 2022 in collaboration with the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services (DHS) and several managed care organization partners to advance and support the DHS strategic quality incentive program for nursing facilities. The statewide learning network brings timely and reliable education to the leadership and frontline in nursing facilities across PA and offers a series of webinars addressing 11 core components of strategic quality incentive program. JHF staffs an operations committee to support the program and an education committee to identify best practice models for nursing homes.

  • Perinatal Health Equity Champions Program

    The Perinatal Health Equity Champions Program is designed to build workforce capacity to help address racial disparities and improve maternal health care in the Pittsburgh region. This year-long program provides the opportunity to bring together community and hospital-based birth workers for maternal care quality improvement initiatives to address racial disparities and improve maternal care outcomes. The program is part of the Pittsburgh: A Safer Childbirth City initiative and is facilitated by WHAMglobal and the Jewish Healthcare Foundation. Learn more.

  • Primary Care Practice Transformation

    PRHI has developed a comprehensive, customizable curriculum that integrates electronic health record meaningful use standards with Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) standards and incorporates practical, real-life examples of how to implement and optimize patient-centered workflows for NCQA PCMH certification. PRHI also provides coaching and project management support for PCMH recognition applications.

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  • Quality Improvement Training and Coaching

    PRHI provides training in our flagship quality improvement methodology, Perfecting Patient Care℠ (PPC), which is based on Lean concepts and Toyota Production System's industrial engineering techniques. It is offered in a variety of formats for executives, managers, and frontline workers.

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  • Young Innovators Healthcare Fellowship
    The Young Innovators Healthcare Fellowship is an eight-week experience for high schoolers in the Pittsburgh region to explore healthcare careers and design technology solutions to a current healthcare problem. This fellowship provides students with a collaborative and creative environment to gain entrepreneurial, solution-oriented thinking skills; engage with young professional mentors to learn about diverse careers in health; learn about the role of technology & innovation in rethinking health care; and collaborate with peers to design an innovative solution. Sponsors of the inaugural Young Innovators Healthcare Fellowship were The Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation and The Grable Foundation. 

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