Learning Styles

Discover how adults learn when designing and delivering education and training. Individuals can learn using any style, and most people will have one they prefer. Discover your learning style by taking the included Learning Style Assessment in this section.


Adult Learning

Explore how adults often learn best through active participation and discussion. Find here the Adult Experiential Learning Cycle and gain insight on how to actively engage your staff through hands on experience, sharing reactions and trying new ideas


Elements of an Education Session

Learn the six core elements of an education session that will enable you to recognize and apply basic and effective instructional design methods.


Mode of Delivery

Examine different modes of education delivery to help adult learners with limited time or resources.


Using Visuals

Leverage visual aides to help enhance education, making it easier for the presenter and the learner. Visuals can help increase understanding and interest and can be used as a content reference after the session.


Resources to Support Education Sessions

View the resources the coaching team at the Jewish Healthcare Foundation mostly frequently utilize. Here you will find resources to help you design your presentation as well as places to visit to find the most up to date educational content


JHF Education Examples

Need educational content to supplement or inspire your education? Access a library of handouts the Jewish Healthcare Foundation developed on topics pertinent to long-term care.

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