HIV/AIDS Fiscal Agent

The Jewish Healthcare Foundation (JHF) serves as the fiscal agent for funding from the Ryan White Part B, State 656, and HUD HOPWA (Housing and Urban Development – Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS) in the 11-county southwestern Pennsylvania region. These funding streams facilitate the delivery of health care, supportive and housing services to eligible individuals living with HIV/AIDS and prevention/education services to at-risk populations.

The HIV/AIDS program provides technical assistance based on Perfecting Patient CareSM methodologies that aid organizations to improve their quality of healthcare and social services delivery to clients with HIV/AIDS. Currently, the program administers funding for the Department of Health of Southwestern Pennsylvania and 12 sub-grantee provider organizations.

Through the fiscal agency, in 2012, JHF launched the Minority AIDS Initiative, and is working with 20 AIDS Service Organizations (ASOs) across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to re-engage HIV-positive individuals who are not receiving treatment.

2017 Southwestern PA Regional HIV Needs Assessment Final Report

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