The Adolescent Behavioral Health Initiative began in April 2016 and aims to improve access to and accountability for effective behavioral health services for adolescents in Allegheny County who are experiencing a mental health or substance use crisis. The initiative is guided by a 40-member advisory community, and funded by the Jewish Healthcare Foundation, the Staunton Farm Foundation, and The Pittsburgh Foundation.

The Jewish Healthcare Foundation (JHF) has engaged state and county leaders, mental health and substance use providers, social service representatives, family and patient advocates, educators, health plan representatives, nonprofit leaders, and researchers. Through these conversations, JHF has developed a community-driven policy agenda to create the strong adolescent behavioral health safety net that teens and families in crisis deserve.

Additionally, JHF has developed a Youth Advocacy Network to bring together youth and youth organizations to share resources, collaborative on the policy agenda, and effectively advocate for change.

Contact: Robert Ferguson