Patient Safety Podcast Explores Opportunities for Transformation

Two new Up Next for Patient Safety episodes are now available.

Systemic Solutions features researcher Dr. Kathleen Sutcliffe, Bloomberg Distinguished Professor at Johns Hopkins University and author of the highly lauded book Still Not Safe: Patient Safety and the Middle Managing of American Medicine, and patient safety visionary Dr. Vivian Lee, president of health platforms at Verily Life Sciences and author of the acclaimed book The Long Fix: Solving America's Health Care Crisis with Strategies that Work for Everyone. Dr. Sutcliffe reviews patient safety efforts from a historical perspective and discusses why progress has been so slow. Dr. Lee offers a glimpse into the potential for a tech-enabled transformation of health care.

The latest episode, Lessons from a Netflix Film, pairs aviation safety journalist Andy Pasztor and transportation safety expert Chris Hart, founder of Hart Solutions LLC, for a lively discussion of how a "culture of speed" at Boeing depicted in a recent Netflix documentary, "Downfall: The Case Against Boeing," led to tragic yet preventable consequences and share lessons for how to keep safety from taking a backseat to profit in the U.S.'s revenue-driven approach to health care.

Listen to the new episodes and find previous episodes here. 

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