Publications & Videos

  • The Window Newsletter

    A monthly round-up of JHF news, events, milestones, publications, and more.

  • Annual Reports

  • What COVID-19 Exposed in Long-Term Care - Documentary


    Reports on specific Jewish Healthcare Foundation and Pittsburgh Regional Health Initiative efforts to improve healthcare quality and safety and document healthcare sector needs.

  • Research Papers

    Research papers explore the complexity of health and health care by identifying opportunities to improve both. Our findings drive our agenda and support our demonstration projects.

  • Executive Summaries

    Executive Summaries share key learnings from JHF or PRHI projects, elucidate both challenges to and opportunities for improving health care, and explore the policy implications arising from both.

  • Videos

    Including our Teachable Moments series highlighting breakthroughs happening at the front line, JHF creates or underwrites the creation of videos showcasing the Foundation's work.

  • Archives (before 2014)

    Past materials showcasing the Foundation's work.