Publications & Videos

  • The Window Newsletter

    A monthly round-up of JHF news, events, milestones, publications, and more.

  • Annual Reports

  • Branches

    Branches, the Jewish Healthcare Foundation's periodical, shares lessons learned and challenges overcome by grantees and Foundation programs. Each volume issues a specific call to action for healthcare quality and safety and offers practical, tested methods that can be replicated in communities across the country.


    Reports on specific Jewish Healthcare Foundation and Pittsburgh Regional Health Initiative efforts to improve healthcare quality and safety and document healthcare sector needs.

  • Research Papers

    Research papers explore the complexity of health and health care by identifying opportunities to improve both. Our findings drive our agenda and support our demonstration projects.

  • Teachable Moments

    In order to connect you directly with the daily work of clinical champions, we've created a series of Teachable Moments which highlight breakthroughs happening at the front line.

  • Executive Summaries

    Executive Summaries, published by the Pittsburgh Regional Health Initiative, share key learnings from PRHI demonstration projects, elucidate both challenges to and opportunities for improving health care, and explore the policy implications arising from both.

  • Monographs

    A series of Monographs in 2011 highlighted important differences between the Israeli and U.S. healthcare systems, helping to inform PRHI's participation in the early healthcare reform debates.

  • Videos

    In addition to Teachable Moments, JHF creates or underwrites the creation of videos showcasing the Foundation's work. Videos to date showcase our efforts in end-of-life and patient activation.

  • Archives (before 2014)

    Past materials showcasing the Foundation's work.