Who We Are

The Jewish Healthcare Foundation (JHF) and its three operating arms—the Pittsburgh Regional Health Initiative (PRHI)Health Careers Futures (HCF), and the Women's Health Activist Movement Global (WHAMglobal)—offer a unique brand of activist philanthropy to advance healthcare innovation, advocacy, collaboration, and education in the interest of better population health. JHF is also the fiscal agent for State HIV/AIDS funding in southwestern Pennsylvania. JHF is funded by public and private sources, and the JHF endowment. JHF is focused on pertinent health issues for the entire community, including the Jewish community.

In addition to its grantmaking, JHF advances critical and timely work through a variety of projects, programs, and education. Explore JHF’s focus areas and select projects and programs below:

Patient Safety

Seniors and Aging

Women’s and Maternal Health (via the WHAMglobal website)

Adolescent Behavioral Health


Regional and Statewide Collaboration, Training, and Coaching

For a deeper dive into JHF’s work, view our publications here: