Robert Ferguson Highlights the National Patient Safety Board at International Healthcare Safety Investigations Conference

Robert Ferguson, MPH, Chief Policy Officer, Pittsburgh Regional Health Initiative and Jewish Healthcare Foundation was a guest at the Healthcare Safety Investigations Conference on September 27. In its fourth year, the online patient safety conference gathered global stakeholders interested in patient safety to discuss and engage around the theme 'Engaging Patients for Patient Safety.'

Attended by 700 people, the panel discussion titled "HSIB Global – Sharing Learning" led by Andrew Murphy-Pittock, Head of Investigation Education, HSIB, Professor Shin Ushiro, Japan Council for Quality Healthcare, and Ferguson discussed learnings about improving patient safety through national programs and proposed organizations.

Ferguson provided an overview of the National Patient Safety Board Coalition's vision for a public-private R&D team and healthcare safety team, solely focused on preventing harm with the goal of aggregating data across the public and private partners to identify and anticipate harm; study precursors, causes, and contextual factors when abnormal patterns and recurring harm are identified; and develop solutions for public-private partners to adopt. 

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