COVID-19 Contact Tracing Efforts Mobilize in Southwestern PA

Since the Southwest PA COVID-19 Contact Tracing Consortium kicked off last month, its members have organized resources and launched initial contact tracing efforts for the region. In partnership with the PA Department of Health, the Jewish Healthcare Foundation (JHF) helps to coordinate the work of the Consortium.

JHF Chief Policy Officer Robert Ferguson led the Foundation's efforts to mobilize the Consortium's 80 members from 50 organizations, a critical contribution that pushed forward contact tracing plans for the region.

The PA Department of Health (DOH) is actively recruiting volunteer contact tracers through More information can be found on the JHF website and the DOH website. The Allegheny County Health Department is also training members of their Medical Reserve Corps as contact tracers.

The Consortium is building capacity to serve diverse communities and screen contacts for behavioral and social service needs. Members are sharing resources and expanding communication channels, and contact tracers will have access to continuing education and supplementary resources.

Read more about the Consortium and contact tracing here:

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