New Jewish Community Advisory Committee Convenes

The Jewish Community Advisory Committee met for the first time on December 4 to begin to develop its working model for 2024 and to discuss potential funding priorities. The Committee is tasked by the Jewish Healthcare Foundation (JHF) and the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh (JFED) with reviewing and making recommendations regarding the healthcare related needs of the Western Pennsylvania Jewish Community and related budgeting and funding priorities.

During the Jewish Healthcare Foundation's 2023 revision and restatement of its Corporate Bylaws, the new committee was established to include eight members, four appointed by the Chair of JHF and four appointed by the Chair of JFED. A co-chair of the Committee is appointed by each of the organizations from their appointees to the committee.

JHF appointed Danny Rosen as its Chair and its four appointees also include Emily Jaffe, Dan Swayze, and Brad Stein. JFED appointed Sue Berman as its Chair and Howard Sniderman, Matt Keller, and Liz Miller as its appointees.

Beginning in 2024, the Community Advisory Committee, affectionately known at JHF as the Gang of Eight, will bring substantive consideration to the optimal allocation of funding for health, mental health, and human services to support the Jewish community. Its initial emphasis will be on older adult services and teen mental health. The Committee will meet every six weeks during 2024 to allow time for significant research and fact finding. The Advisory Committee will seek input from the staff of the two organizations, relevant community agencies, as well as subject matters experts in policy, services, and academia.

While it is not a policymaking body, the Advisory Committee will bring shared accountability for how JHF and JFED resources are allocated within the Jewish Community to selected priority areas; enhance the creativity, vision, and innovation so investments will meet current and anticipated needs; support better partnership and leveraging of talent and financial support beyond the Jewish Community; avoid confusion, duplication, and disconnect between allocations within the Jewish Community by the two entities; and foster better communication, mutual appreciation, and enhanced respect among JHF, JFED, and community organizations.

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