Liftoff PGH Launches an Art Exhibit Downtown in the 7th Street Cultural Trust Park

Created in partnership with the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, this is a collective visioning for the future of health and wellness in this region. Artists Alisha Wormsley and Ricardo Iamuuri Robinson transformed the 7th Street Trust Oasis into their latest public art installation, Streaming Space Station. Sit inside a lunar meditation pod and experience the sights and sounds of the future.

A Word from the Artists

Welcome Earthlings, to the Streaming Space Station! A terrestrial oasis of collective remembrance. Three greenhouses occupy the space. Inside the temporary shelters, attendees are invited to observe and recollect the sacred journey surrounded by medicinal dried herbs, air cleansing plants and sacred objects. The rooms are accompanied by an organic soundscape being played by three water-barrels equipped with hydrophones. The water-barrels absorb the ambient and surface vibrations and transmit the sounds into the shelters.

Sean Luther of InnovatePGH checks out the art exhibit.

The visual program for Streaming Space is a compilation of images and sound pieces that activates memories of humankind's relationship to the planet, settles the chaos of the present, and allows space for healing and care in the future. In addition to Wormsley and Robinson being inspired by Alice Coltrane, Octavia Butler, Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, Ornette Coleman, and Sun Ra, both artists utilize Afrofuturist principles to confront racism, war, and Western power structures as it pertains to the body and mind. The artists hope that their practices become a hybrid of beliefs, art, and cultures that seek to create spaces for healing, transcendence, spiritual liberation and inspiration for new equitable bio-technologies.  

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