WHAMglobal Is Birthing a Movement

The Women's Health Activist Network Global (WHAMglobal), a supporting organization of the Jewish Healthcare Foundation, continues to grow in scope and mission. Its website was recently revamped and expanded. Pay a visit to www.whamglobal.org and you will see:

• A new feature called "Spotlight Forum" — profiles of women in healthcare leadership roles who are either members of WHAMglobal, the International Women's Forum (IWF) special interest group on health care, or the Women of Impact for Health Care. JHF Global Health Associate Hanifa Nakiryowa is researching and writing the profiles. The early subjects include Dr. Danette Glassy, a pediatrician who has taken on a strong advocacy role in Washington state; Dr. Marthe Haverkamp, a doctor/researcher advancing value-based healthcare, cost-reduction strategies and system improvement; and Rochelle Courtenay, an Australian philanthropist who created
the Share the Dignity project to supply low-income women with sanitary products during menstruation.

• A section for the Pennsylvania Perinatal Quality Collaborative (PA PQC).This initiative will officially launch in April. 

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