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Applications Now Open for 2019 Salk Health Activist Fellowship

As our nation prepares for an important election year, the 2019 Jonas Salk Health Activist Fellowship will help emerging health activists learn how to grab the public's attention on a major health and social issue and spur action, usin...
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Maternal Health-Focused Patient Safety Fellowship Kicks Off

Where is the safest and most comprehensive perinatal program in Pennsylvania? How are maternal health practitioners factoring "implementation science" into their programs? On June 4, this summer's Patient Safety Fellowship kicked off w...
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Death & Dying Fellowship Concludes With Post-Gazette Feature Story

The 2019 Death & Dying Fellowship concluded on April 1 with the fellows practicing their skills in conducting end-of-life conversations, after receiving guidance from guest speaker Dr. Bob Arnold, chief of Palliative Care and Medic...
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Applications now open for the 2019 Patient Safety Fellowship

The Patient Safety Fellowship prepares recent and current graduate students to apply emerging methods and strategies in implementation science, team-based problem-solving, and continuous quality improvement for healthcare settings. The...
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Participants Sought for Practicing End-of-Life Conversations at Death & Dying Fellowship on April 1

The JHF and Health Careers Futures Fellowship on Death and Dying concludes on April 1 with 33 Fellows practicing their skills in conducting end-of-life conversations. Many of the faculty from throughout the Fellowship will be participa...
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Fifth Year of Death and Dying Fellowship Opens, Teaching the Most Difficult Conversation

The JHF and HCF Fellowship on Death and Dying is built around developing one skill for healthcare professionals: How to take part in difficult conversations around serious illness, including issues of death, dying, and grief. A formal ...
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