Introducing the Liftoff Quilts: Stories Behind Our Themes

The Pittsburgh region is in a race against time. Its largest industry, health care, faces a decade of disruption. This presents unprecedented opportunity and challenge.

The pace of innovation in healthcare technology, knowledge building, and new entrants into the field will increase exponentially.

Other regions are already on the move to excel in this churning climate by becoming the disrupters who thrive in a competitive world. They are looking for that edge by encouraging entrepreneurial activity in the very technologies that drive disruption in service and payment models, space and design, consumer empowerment, and workforce and professional education and training.

Pittsburgh has all the necessary resources to win this race, but, much like a relay, this is a team sport that requires coordination. The winning regions will assemble their assets — and develop new ones — to meet proficiency gaps and create winning collaborations.

Liftoff PGH aims to inspire functional, compatible, and skillful collaborations across healthcare stakeholders and beyond, bringing divergent voices and talents together to perfect a regional team.

We liken this challenge to creating a quilt. It takes many complimentary fabrics to make something beautiful and functional. And the best quilters not only stitch the elements together carefully, but have a strategic instinct for harmony and balance.

Think of Liftoff PGH as a regional quilting bee — what's old is new again — as we work together to assemble a winning quilt to spur regional transformation. 

 What is old is new: stitching together assets to strengthen a vision.

Here you will find the first of five Liftoff PGH Quilts. We have curated six inspiring examples of ordinary people doing extraordinary things for our first Liftoff PGH Quilt on The New Patient. In the future patients will be harbingers of a new era of consumer engagement that will blur the distinction between provider/leader and patient/supplicant.

Stay tuned for other announcements from Liftoff PGH, and watch out for the next four Quilts around Liftoff PGH's other key themes, all meant to inspire and excite as we prepare for launch in December of 2020.

Explore the Quilt of Stories of The New Patient.

The other four Liftoff PGH themes (with Quilts to follow) include:

  • Workforce & Education
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Health Spaces New & Old
  • and Payment & Regulation

Join us on the journey. See you in 2020! 

We're in a Race Against Time: Welcome to Liftoff P...
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