Up Next for Patient Safety Podcast Episodes Cover Health Equity, Pandemic Preparedness

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Are Black and Brown people at greater risk of medical errors in the U.S.? What are federal agencies doing to track and reform practices to make health care safer for those most at risk of preventable harms? In Episode 5, "Not Without Equity," host Karen Wolk Feinstein and special guests Dr. Cara James, president and CEO at Grantmakers In Health, and Dr. Kimá Joy Taylor, founder of Anka Consulting and a nonresident fellow at the Urban Institute, explore health equity issues within patient safety and the work that is needed to create a fair and just opportunity for every person in the U.S. to be as healthy as possible.

In Episode 6, "Pandemic Preparedness," hear what the COVID-19 pandemic can teach us about patient safety and how can we make sure that the systemic problems that led to unnecessary suffering are fixed once and for all. Host Karen Wolk Feinstein and special guests Dr. Georges Benjamin, executive vice president at the American Public Health Association, and Chris Johnson, president and co-CEO at TeleTracking, explore how lessons learned through the flawed pandemic response can be applied to healthcare safety.

Listen here. 

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