WHAMglobal Board Continues to Shape Agenda on “Inequities for Women as They Age”

 A meeting of the WHAMglobal Board on March 26 continued a review of themes and priorities jointly identified by participants at the Salzburg Seminar convened by the Jewish Healthcare Foundation (JHF) and WHAMglobal in January. The meeting included global representation with members joining from Australia, Chile, and Israel.

During its discussion, Board members cited next steps, including identifying additional priorities, partners, and experts addressing women's health inequities as they age. From menopause to senior years, women face persistent gaps in care, whether from a lack of evidence, unfounded clinical assumptions, or a mismatch between both.

Board members also reflected on their experiences and what they learned from the Seminar's 45 participants from around the world.

Karen Feinstein, president and CEO of JHF and WHAMglobal, suggested a campaign centered around caregiving for aging women. The campaign would aim to raise awareness and support for both caregivers and aging women, focusing on the challenges they face and the need for better care and resources. The group aims to break the mold by challenging traditional gender roles and stereotypes; emphasizing the importance of care for caregivers; aging with dignity; and unleashing the power of aging women through activism.

The group also discussed ways to reimagine health professional education and research; a curriculum for health professionals that specifically addresses women's aging issues; new systems of data collection for issues impacting women over the age of 49; and ways to advance healthy and financially secure living conditions.

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